How We Left The Desert, Dead of Night (reprint) 2016

Loving Luke (novel), Harmony Ink 2015

A Believer’s Guide to Azagarth, How to live on other planets (reprint) 2015

Cold Ennaline, Harmony Ink (novel) 2015

The Dolls, Harmony Ink blog 2015

XVI and Deek Escape in the Night, Lit Art Mag 2014

Gretel in her Ever After, Luna Station Quarterly 2014

Tabloid Lies, Harmony Ink (novel) 2014

Binary BoyHarmony Ink (novel) 2014

Fed, FF anthology 2014

How We Left The Desert, Edge of Oblivion (reprint) 2014

The Cook of Pearl House, Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror (poem, reprint) 2013

Letters from Utopia, Phantasmacore 2013

The Artist, Best of Wilde Oats (reprint) 2013

Banned Books, Harmony Ink (novel) 2013

Let’s fix you up, Luna Station Quarterly 2013

Signs over the Pacific and other stories, URB Books (short story anthology) 2013

Nemutaph, URB Books 2013

Turning Pol, URB Books 2013

Katya in Quarantine, URB Books 2013

Mathematician and Muse, Wilde Oats 2013

Jasper and the Dead, Dreamspinner Press (novella) 2013

Jasper and the Dead, Under the Southern Cross (novella) 2013

The Cook of Pearl House, a Malay by the name of Maurice, Dark Edifice (poem) 2012

Puss, Screaming and Experimentation, Haiku of the Living Dead (poems) (with Andy Astruc) 2012

Boot Disk, Grand Science Fiction 2012

Four Parties, Phantasmacore (reprint) 2012

Five Stars, Poetry Project (poem) 2012

Tools for the Job, Bards and Sages (with Andy Astruc) 2012

The World Gets Smaller and Things Get Left Behind, Hot Mess 2012

Street of Two Doors, Self-published (novella), 2012

The Shape of Things, Fiction365 (with Andy Astruc) 2011

Deviation, Antipodean SF (with Andy Astruc) 2011

Until the End, Semaphore (with Andy Astruc) 2011

Rabbits and Americans in the Town of Yam, Comets and Criminals 2011

Ma-Ma, LingerFiction 2011

The Cost of Men, Roar and Thunder 2011

The Ghosts of Los Hellas, Kindle All-Stars Project (reprint) 2011

Regret Incorporated, Daily Science Fiction (with Andy Astruc) 2011

Mother and Daughter, Semaphore 2011

Johnny and Babushka, Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror (reprint) 2011

Desperately Seeking Darcy, Tales for Canterbury (reprint) 2011

Clockworld 2, Wilde Oats (novella) 2011

Wifetime, Lightning Flash 2011

Bad Thing, Antipodean SF 2011

Horror Game Review, Necrotic Tissue (with Andy Astruc) 2011

Harmonica + Gig, Dragonfall Press (novel, reprint) 2011

How We Left The Desert, Phantasmacore (reprint) 2011

Scrapheap Angel, Subversion (with Deirdre M Murphy) 2011

Sunshine on the Class, State of Imagination (with Kirsty Lock) 2011

Love in the time of the Serpent King, Phantasmacore (reprint) 2010

Johnny and Babushka, Electric Spec 2010

Father Peter’s ExorcismCritic (poem) 2010

Clockworld 1Wilde Oats (novella) 2010

The Vanishing ProjectSemaphore anthology (reprint) 2010

PropagationBasement stories (with BV Czopyk) 2010

Enid and the PrinceWorlds Next Door 2010

How You Make The StraightThe Future Fire 2010

How You Make The Straight, (audio) Cossmass Infinities 2010

XVI and Deek Escape in the NightPlutonian Times 2010

Roger Northing Sees the FutureWilde Oats 2010

What the Pauper Did NextAntipodeanSF 2010

A Festival of SkeletonsCrossed Genres (serial) 2010

Words in WhiteNew Aesthetic (reprint) 2010

Green Eyed GirlNew Aesthetic (reprint) 2010

Through Walls, (audio) Shadowcast 2010

The Vanishing ProjectSemaphore 2009

How We Left The DesertMidnight Echo 2009

Words in WhiteSpecusphere (reprint) 2009

Faceless in HalukanNot One Of Us 2009

Miss ShenAntipodeanSF (reprint) 2009

The Future of Dr Lole San PauloQueered Dimensions 2009

Poetry Assignment 2, Passion for Poetry (poems) 2009

Four PartiesMasques 2009

A Hat Full of LeavesAurealis 2009

Signs Over the PacificAllegory Magazine (reprint) 2009

The ArtistWilde Oats 2009

The Wife CollectorBewildering Stories (reprint) 2009

Diacon, Hope (reprint) 2009

Greenwich Mean Time PlusExpanded Horizons 2009

A Believer’s Guide to AzargarthThird Order 2008

Signs Over the PacificThe Fat Man at the End of the World 2008

What Would Luminael DoReflection’s Edge 2008

Aliens Attack!Satirica 2008

Harmonica + Gig, Lilley Press (novel) 2008

Green Eyed Girl, Arcane Twilight 2008

Judge, JuryMagazine of the Dead 2008

Words in WhiteAlienSkin 2008

Desperately Seeking DarcyAtomjack 2008

The Flying WomanAndromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine 2008

In the Shadow of KakaduThe Future Fire 2007

Love in the time of the Serpent KingForbidden Speculation 2007

The Very, Very Good GirlEncounters 2007

How they make love in Vladistovia, Yaoi Magazine 2007

The Virtual PossibleFusion Fragment (reprint) 2007

DiaconInfinitas 2007

The Perfume EaterStrange Horizons 2007

Miss ShenMagazine of the Dead 2007

New TricksChangeling Press (novella) 2007

The Ghosts of Los HellasAbyss & Apex (novella) 2006

The Wife CollectorVisible Ink 2006