• Jasper and the Dead Jasper and the Dead

    At the dawn of the nineteenth century, a zombie outbreak threatens to wipe out Sydney. Zombie hunter Jasper Blue and Pape Sassoon, a ferryman’s secretary, are charged with getting the governor safely out to the ship anchored in Sydney Harbor.

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  • Signs Over the Pacific Signs Over the Pacific

    Several intertwined tales about the libertine engineer Val, the thief Bink Ottoman, the all-powerful a-class AI RESYS, the famous international terrorist Bouboucar Bottle and the not as well-known international terrorist Katya Sushi, and a whole cast of airship dwellers, Interpol agents, geneticists, mutants, holograms, and others living on the cutting edge of morality.

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  • Street of Two Doors Street of Two Doors

    Helen always adored Leroy Bale, but she wasn’t the only one. A friend to most, a lover to many and a devoted dog owner. What’s not to like? And now he’s dead.

    Murdered. Stabbed in the back and shot with his own gun in a seedy hotel room. Not the most glamorous death scene for a lovable police officer.

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  • Harmonica + Gig Harmonica + Gig

    When a territory engineer dies in suspicious circumstances, three qverse experts are brought in to investigate. Initially the three hacks choose to work separately on the case, but as they continue their investigations they discover clues leading to some of the most powerful figures in the qverse.

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  • Clockworld Clockworld

    Clockworld certainly seemed like the perfect location on paper – a small, lush planetoid far from existing colonies, plentiful resources and solid land. It wasn’t until later that people realised all the native vegetation had hallucinogenic, psychotropic and other mind-altering properties. And it would be far too expensive to build again somewhere else.

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A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer. ~Karl Kraus

Rachel Astruc

Rachel spends her days writing all manner of fiction and telling people what to do. This includes her husband (who took her name) and her baby (who laughs at fingers). She does science fiction and fantasy.


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How We Left the Desert and Other Stories

Time is an arrow. Time is a river. Time is a perception of reality based on the observer's current location within it.