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Spin this! – 15,000 words, drama/romance (in edits)

Safe places – 15,000 words, science fiction (in edits)

Concepts and ideas


  • Elf Confidence
  • Mizzenmast
  • Dark Country
  • Kid gets a dog which is an ex-police dog
  • 7 siblings need to be the last surviving to inherit throne
  • people reunited after they appeared years ago on old tv show
  • Cancer fighting guru… doesn’t have cancer
  • Murder at management “ob” style course
  • Stuffy ghost as a side kick, follows around
  • Guy in reality TV show… something curious going on
  • Criminals made small by science, do tiny crimes. (small time crooks)
  • Story about someone stealing tea from a country and bringing it to the rest of the world
  • La Bete story – Gevaudan
  • Situation in War city – war profiteering
  • Ave Pasifika
  • Story about a coach
  • Story of last person photographed with celebrity – how celebrity died?
  • Crook school – school for crooks.
  • After Magic – tech savvy area survives after magic vanishes from world
  • High school murder situation – teacher dies(?) – suicide because mum faked death but then reappeared etc etc
  • Reject hockey team wind up fighting evil
  • King has to deal with kid who is a socialist and not into monarchy
  • Investigator checks photographs to make sure people are okay
  • Girl murders aunt because guy she likes knows her, like the “r u a sociopath” test…


  • Frankie Goes To Perugia (Luminael & St Francis of Assissi)
  • Zeem in Africa with Mama Wati
  • AIs fight each other in an apocalyptic world
  • Male prostitute has an interesting life but no sex
  • Villain who walks through mirrors – can enter a mirror world.
  • Sending criminals back into the past where they can’t hurt anyone,dinossurs
  • Chairman Mao in the future controlling a town with Communism
  • Location, Location – a flying house crashlands in a crap neighbourhood
  • Hunting AIs like old English families
  • Two kids with amulets who can see each other through time
  • Cigarette giving up story
  • All lady pirate crew
  • Save 7 princes (for kids)
  • Medium falls in love with spirit she is trying to exorcise
  • Hit list of 10 uploaded photos. Lucian needs to resolve this.
  • 3 princes (middle brothers) band together to find princesses
  • Large Hadron Collider invention to get rid of things. Jessica!
  • Two princesses kidnapped, turn things around when they meet up
  • Love affair, one lives in the Victorian/Regency/Renaissance/whatever era, one in the present day
  • socialite… superhero
  • kid at risk huntingtons what to do
  • A huge Skein through which you can see ocean animals
  • death in a prison – investigation
  • Future world and cities on space stations but no antigrav
  • Mum with superpowers
  • murder at writer’s retreat or manager’s retreat
  • erotic deev short v. short
  • Kid get returned from kidnapping and aliens want to be his friend
  • club of poets somethign occurs
  • Company of actors during the time women weren’t allowed to be in plays
  • romance in hostage situation
  • Missing person… is actually inside a statue that has been erected for them, sculpture person dunnit
  • Girl’s toy cat protects her (children’s book with r.n.)
  • Kid can’t say sorry so needs to find the word sorry (children’s)